Chrys Zampas

My name is Chrys Zampas and my trip to Internet Marketing started at 2010. My first small SEO projects were with my own websites. I studied the different methods and tried to attract more visitors to my websites. Also I wanted to see if I can get my websites to the top results of search engines.

I realised that SEO really works, so I decided to start seotiras.com. My aim is seotiras.com to be the top agency for Internet marketing in Cyprus.

As the name implies, I am saving websites and I believe I can save any website no matter the size of it. If you want to learn more please contact me and I will get back to you with a no-obligations report for your website.

You can find me all over the Internet. Follow me at Twitter  or connect with me at Google+. If you really want to find about my life you can even connect with me in Facebook

 Antreas Neophytou

Antreas join the company in 2012 and he is in charge of the website development.

Although we focus on promoting websites sometime we need to build them also!